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Founded in South Africa to develop and support local businesses online, Kokio has extended it's presence to the United Kingdom. We have since grown to become a professional web development & marketing agency that creates tailored, modern solutions to meet your business needs. Our team specialises in Design, Development, SEO, and Marketing, where hard earned experience has seen hundreds of projects to completion for clients just about everywhere.

The services we offer are data driven, and are reviewed and updated continously as the digital landscape shifts, or as we identify trends or changes in user behaviour.

Most of our time is spent creating or modernising brands and businesses, presenting their products and services online, and managing their online presence or digital marketing campaigns. We service clients globally and adjust our processes and strategies to suit your desired audience, target market or business goals.

Web Hosting

Every site relies on robust hosting. With Kokio, experience top-notch security and consistent uptime, ensuring your website remains operational without a hitch.

Web Design

Your website's aesthetics speak volumes. We craft designs that not only look stunning but also ensure intuitive user experiences, setting you apart in the digital realm.


For all your website needs, our team offers unparalleled web development services, be it responsive sites or web apps. Choose WordPress or custom solutions – we're on it.

Digital Marketing

Every successful online business thrives with effective marketing. Similar to in-store footfall, website traffic crucially affects your ranking on Google, thus influencing search visibility.


In today's digital era, efficient software is the backbone of any business operation. Our software solutions are tailored, ensuring a seamless blend with your specific needs and demands.

What We Do

From creating professional corporate identity packages, setting up and maintaining eCommerce stores to pioneereering web applications to help you run and manage your business better. Our services are aimed at building and optimising new and existing digital infrastructure for individuals and businesses to ensure their success and survival in the digital age in which we live.

Our approach is holistic as the best solutions require a variety of technologies; blended together these digital solutions are designed to achieve your business goals. We typically assess each project individually and provide recommendations specific to what you want to achieve.

Responsive Design; Built For All Major Platforms & Devices

We believe that responsive design and platform compatibility are key to the success of your website; allowing you to reach more users more effectively. We build everything with this in mind.

#Google Friendly

#Search Engine Optimised

#Performance Optimised

Our websites are enhanced to achieve optimal performance and give you the ‘Green Thumbs Up’ from Google. This means better rankings, more traffic, more conversions and a much higher base visibility.

Professional Tailored to your business

Whether you're a 'Startup' catching the next big wave
or an 'Industry Leader' steering your customers through digital waters, we've got you covered.

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