SEO & Performance

Marketing is much less effective if your website has not been optimized for search engines or is performing poorly. An un-optimized website will have less visibility and a lower page rank, meaning your paid-for campaigns will yield less results than they should.

SEO Upgrade

Fix critical SEO issues on your existing website. Increase traffic and visibility by making your website Google SEO Compliant.

Performance Upgrade

Enhance your websites speed and load time by optimizing its files and setup. integrate a content delivery network.


SEO & Performance Analysis

After external analysis, we provide you with a list of critical issues that are negatively affecting you websites SEO & Perfromance scores.

Is SEO and Performance really that big of a deal?

Without a doubt, SEO and Performance are two key pillars in the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. Any strategy may work; this ensures that you get the most out of your marketing efforts and budget. Lower visibility or page ranking caused by failure to comply with Google Search Engine Recommendations is a common issue. This makes your budget less effective; meaning you pay more for less with every campaign.

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