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  • What is a WordPress Child Theme?

    What is a Child theme? A child theme as theme that inherits the functionality (how it works) and styling (look and feel) of a parent theme. What is a Parent…
    19 March 2024
  • What is Shopify and should I use it for my business?

    Shopify is a subscription-based website builder that allows anyone to create their own website and sell their products or services. Just about anyone can create a Shopify website themselves which makes this…
    19 March 2024
  • Unlocking South Africa’s Potential: Amazon’s Arrival

    In South Africa, Amazon's arrival heralds a new era of convenience and opportunity. With Amazon's vast array of products and services, South Africans gain access to unparalleled convenience and choice.…
    23 May 2024
  • Web Design

    Building Your Site from the Ground up. Web design is a multilayered field that combines creativity and technical skills to create engaging and functional websites that meet the needs of…
    2 May 2024
  • Hosting Your Space on The Net

    But what is Web Hosting Anyways? Alright, imagine web hosting as renting a spot on the internet for your website to crash. Instead of keeping all your website files and…
    19 March 2024
  • Advances in AI

    In recent years, there have been significant advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), with new technologies and algorithms driving progress in areas such as machine learning, natural language…
    19 March 2024
  • Elevation Business Magazine Project

    We are really excited to announce the launch of Elevation Business Magazine! What is Elevation Business Magazine? Elevation Business Magazine is a digital business magazine enhanced to denote more the…
    19 March 2024
  • What is WordPress and why should I use it for my business?

    WordPress is an open-source (free) website builder, but its a little more than that too. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) designed to store and manage your content effortlessly.…
    19 March 2024
  • The 8 Different Types of Websites

    Designing and organizing a website for your company can be an absolute joy or an absolute nightmare, one of the key reasons for this is the fact that there are…
    19 March 2024
  • What Is Woocommerce?

    You may have heard people mention "Woocommerce" or "E-commerce" in relation to websites and website development, to understand one you must understand both so below I'll break both down and…
    19 March 2024


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