At Kokio, we offer a wide variety of supported domain extensions to compliment your business. This allows you to have a domain that is better suited to the area in which your business operates.

Below is a table of the domain extensions that we support with the cost of each “Registration” noted;

Domain Extension Registration Cost
(incl. VAT) R89 R89
.capetown R299
.durban R249
.joburg R249
.biz R349
.com R199 R389 / 2 years
.co R509
.de R179
.eu R159
.info R359
.mobi R399
.net R259
.org R259
.tv R689

Once your domain has been registered, the “Registration Fee” becomes a “Domain Renewal Fee”.

This means, if you registered a ‘.com’ domain, it would cost R 199.00 once off. Then a year from the day you successfully registered the domain, you would need to pay a “Domain Renewal Fee” at the same cost to keep your domain registered.

Registering a domain allows you to reserve it, and have it registered on our server. Once this is done, you will need to get yourself “Domain Hosting” in order to have business emails or a website.

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