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These terms and conditions outline the rules, regulations and limitations for our current and ongoing product and service specials.



By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Kokio if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.









 RUNNING DATES: 1st September – 31st October.




Packages on special:

Package #1: R499 per month

 – Domain Registration (.co.za) 

 – Domain Basic Hosting 

 – Basic Website Design 

 – Three Page Website 

 – Monthly Site Updates 


Package #2: R799 per month

 – Domain Registration (.co.za/.org.za) 

 – Domain Advanced Hosting 

 – Advanced Website Design 

 – Five Page Website 

 – Monthly Site Updates


Package #3: R999 per month

 – Domain Registration (.co.za/.com)

 – Business Hosting

 – Advanced Website Design

 – Portfolio Website

Weekly site updates




Older or existing branding, logos and designs must be supplied, alternatively, adequate information that provides us with some color suggestions and imagery are required by our designers to create the perfect designs for you. At the very least – advisement on what not to do, or what to avoid must be provided. For websites, logos / branding must exist or be created first for us to make you a website.

All images, videos,  designs and text that is to go onto the website must be provided prior to design or development being done.

NB: Clients are required to agree to a twelve month contract and unless specified by Kokio, payments must be made via debit order. 



Basic Domain hosting allows up to 10 mail accounts and 5GB of disk space. 

Advanced Domain Hosting allows up to 20 mail accounts and 10GB of disk space.

Business Domain Hosting allows up to 50 mail accounts and 15GB of disk space. 

The chosen option/package is allowed up to 3 revisions in which basic changes can be made.


Estimated Time Frame:

A single page website will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete. A week for design and a week for development. The time frame starts once all content has been supplied.
























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