A Clean PC is a Happy PC

Or at the very least, one with a longer lifespan.

Cleaning your Desktop may sound like something everyone knows needs to be done but trust me, it is not…

There are many benefits to a squeaky clean computer and that applies to both your tower itself and your peripherals (For the people who aren’t nerds that’s the stuff you plug into your Tower eg. mouse, Keyboard, screens) However the biggest benefits can be seen by having the inside of your tower sparkling. Dust collected on fans and air vents over time can see your entire airflow becoming virtually non-existent and to put it simply, that is a death sentence for your computer.

What happens if I don’t clean my PC?
Now I’m not saying that getting a hair in your Tower is going to have it catching fire instantly, but, being designed to constantly pull cool air in from outside can start to create a pretty impressive build-up of dust, pet’s hair and whatever else may be floating around at the time. This starts to clog up the fans and air vents that your Computer uses to maintain a healthy working temperature and run smoothly and it can drastically affect your components’ lifetime. High temperatures can see your entire PC shutting itself down from overheating, Graphics cards can burn out long before their lives were set to end and not tending to the tidiness of your trusty number cruncher can become a rather expensive mistake to make.

How often should I clean my PC?
To avoid this it is usually a good idea to give your Desktop a clean roughly every 6 months if it’s a gaming machine or around the 1 year mark for your average home or office computer. This is different case by case of course as it all depends on the tower, vents, whether or not there are dust covers and the area in which your PC is located, But a frequent cleansing of the dust and grime build up on your fans and vents will help to prolong your computers lifetime by literal years. Not to mention it will help avoid having to pull all the components out and giving your computer a deep clean, which can be nerve-wracking and a lot more complicated than standard maintenance, But more on that later.

In short, it is always a good idea to keep your computer and its components clean and fresh. As with anything else if you treat your Computer right, no matter its purpose, it will serve you far longer and more dependably than running it to death. They’re loyal little machines, they deserver your care.

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